Thousands of years ago the first men left the woods of Asatori and began their expansion across the world. Those who stayed grew strong in magic and were the foundation for the first great empire.


Before the Empire | ... - 9500 BPEdit

Before the first men started leaving the woods of Asatori, the planes of the soon-to-be empire were home to many different fauna and flora. In the high reaches of the Mountains of the Moon the elusive Metriarc lived, a ferocious predator that would occasionally wander down into the woods below and claim humans as their prey. The planes wich the mountains surrounded were a breeding ground for all types of beasts: lions, elephants, giraffes, okans...

The Danno Dynasty | 9500 - 2700 BPEdit

The first traces of the Asatori Empire are found at the same time as the discovery of the magic of the Talents. At around 9500 BP, the Danno Tribe were the first to start using the Talents and used it to conquer other tribes and expand their territory. 50 years later, the city of Idaphin was founded and became the capital for the Danno Tribe. Their leader, Hatta Danno, called himself Emperor of Asatori and over the span of more than a hundred years, he would conquer the entirety of Titrith safe for the northern regions where Triut Dreyn held power.

For the next 2000 years, the Danno Dynasty would rule a unified empire. From 7400 to 7300 BP however, the tribes who lived in the Calm Waste and always had a strong feeling of independence, revolted against the rule of the Danno and drove out their opressors. The Dellem and Athea provinces south of the Calm Waste took this opportunity and declared themselves freeholds. At around the same time, the technologically advanced city of Nova Brey, which had always been quite independent from the empire, took control of the Planes of Hinsay. In an attempt to invade Idaphin, a battle followed in Sallon's Gap called The Fires from Heaven. Both sides fought to a standstill and the cities of Qasana and Artis were founded to protect the eastern borders of Asatori.

After almost 7000 years, at around 2700 BP, the Danno Dynasty falls and is overthrown by a council of warlords who conspired against the Emperor. The rightfull descendants of Hatto Danno flee Idaphin and go west where they found the kingdom of Masenis and the Rankar Freehold. The Asatori Empire is now confined to the regions south of the Mountains of the Moon.

The Hundred Emperors | 2700 - 78 BPEdit

In this time period, Asatori is ruled by many different emperors over the years. None of them are able to maintain their rule for very long, some no more than a year, and all in all Asatori loses a lot of its strengths due to these internal conflicts.

In 950 BP, during the rule of Aso Katah, the tribes of the Calm Waste invade Asatori and the cities of Nimr, Kennai and Sagol are destroyed. Emperor Aso Katah calls for the aid of their former enemy Nova Brey who gather their forces and defeat the tribes south of the Planes of Hinsay in the battle of The Red Rains.

In 150 BP, during the events of the Third Traitor's Uprising, Lynk first destroys Sagol and after sailing up the river Maymar also destroys Idaphin, Thatano, Laonyn and Sidang. The emperor Yahan Katah, a descendant of Aso who had retaken the throne, is killed. Asatori is plunged into chaos.

The Katah Dynasty | 78 BP - 985 APEdit

For nearly a hundred years, there is no clear ruler in Asatori and the empire is shattered into many different factions. In 78 BP, Nova Brey backs the grandson of Yahan, Seilong Katah, in restoring the empire. Idaphin is rebuilt and slowly Asatori become whole again under Seilong's rule. Emperor Seilong joins the Five Nations Alliance and aids in the destruction of Iprati and the remaining fragments of the Order. With this new alliance and the aid of Nova Brey in the reconstructing of the Empire, Asatori prospers.

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