Third AgeEdit

Year Event
519 Ethel Hallwell is excommunicated by the Order and leaves Eresath.
561 Ethel Hallwell travels to Dadendam and is taking in by the Conclave.
565 Birth of Rey Domer
583 Rey Domer manifests his Enhancement Talent during the Testing at Acir and begins his training at Eresath.
589 Birth of Cahen
590 Rey Domer finishes his training and chooses to become military advisor to the emperor of Asatori.
591 Birth of Ralph Aëron
  • Birth of Samos
  • Ethel Hallwell leaves Dadendam after having lived there for forty years.
  • Ishida begins his search for Samos
  • After fifteen years of service for the emperor of Asatori, Rey Domer returns to Eresath and takes up the mantle of First Enhancer after the death of his predecessor.
  • Cahen joins the fleet of Aramos, one of the ten pirate lords.
607 Ralph Aëron starts his training at Eresath after manifesting his Enhancement talent during the Testing in Pyk. In the same year, he manifests his Sealing Talent as well as a third Talent which is currently not known.
612 Ralph Aëron finished his training at Eresath, earning the title of Twentieth Son'Sha. He sets out to travel the realm.
613 During the Testing in Paros, Ralog Brianneal manifests his Enhancement and Sealing Talent and begins his training at Eresath.
  • Ishida finds Samos and settles in his village
  • Samos fights off two wolves and saves Caleb.
  • Ralog Brianneal leaves the Order after a dispute with the council. He kills several Enhancers trying to stop him and takes others with him.
  • Rey Domer, who has trained Ralog from day one, decides to retire as First Enhancer and focus completely on training new students.
  • Samos/Wayen saves his sister from a fall of the roof.
  • Fifteen ships under the command of Aramos are attacked by Ethel Hallwell during raids in Cartna Bay. After sinking all of the ships, Ethel takes in new recruits among which Cahen.

4th of Tiacan

621 Ethel Hallwell arrives at Nokoroy where he kills the ten pirate lords and takes over their forces.

12th of Tremar

  • Ralog the Wolf is captured in Ters by Ralph Aëron and Samos.

13th of Tremar

  • The Testing of Ters takes place.
  • Yara Tholsson is discovered to be a Dovra'Sha carrying the Talents of Sealer and Healer.
  • Samos manifests his Enhancement powers.

22th of Tremar

  • Ethel Hallwell lays siege to Eresath with his united fleet of pirates.

27th of Tremar

  • Samos manifests his Sealing Talent aboard the Windweaver during a practice fight with Ralph Aëron, making him the second Dovra'Sha to be discovered in Ters.

1th of Lutra

  • The Testing of Sandos takes place.
  • Two new Dovra'Sha are discovered: Faye Daemar and Otwin Moranc. They both have the Talents of Sealing and Healing.

4th of Lutra

  • The Windweaver arrives in Sandos where news is received that Ethel Hallwell has laid siege to the capital of the Order, Eresath.

25th of Lutra

  • Samos and Eder receive their new swords from Ralph, forged by the Second Swords.
  • An assault party under the command of Cahen attack the royal palace of Sandos. During the attack, Otwin Moranc is killed. Cahen is captured and interrogated. It is discovered the Son'Sha Ethel Hallwell is still alive and is the one using the name of Warbringer.

27th of Lutra

  • The three ships docked at Sandos set sail for Vorna.

4th of Civet

  • Six weeks after the start of the siege on Eresath, Ethel's groundtroops attack the city for the first time. They are fought back by a group of Enhancers led by Mino and Bashaa.

25th of Civet

  • The ships arrive at Vorna.
  • After a failed conference with the governor, Ralph, Samos, Faye, Yara and Eder are ambushed by Ethel's men.
  • Ralph fends off a group of twenty in what is to be called the Slaughter of Silver Square.
  • Samos and the others are saved by Teiran and led out off the city. They flee south on horses.

28th of Civet

  • The group arrives at Pelizar where they are met by Tifara and Sador.

1th of Pleion

  • The group leaves Pelizar guided by Tifara and Sador.

2th of Pleion

  • With the use of a Waystone, the group departs travels to Dadendam in the span of a single night.

3th of Pleion

  • Samos, Yara, Faye and Eder meet with the Conclave at Dadendam.
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